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Hello, I am Mrs. P and together with Mr. P Skooby made us a family of 3.

No one told us how much the little fluff ball we carried home in one hand would fill our arms and hearts till full and be the inspiration for me to design and source the very best products to share with you.

As first-time puppy parents (owners), we didn't know what to expect when we brought our puppy home.

The first year was hard, no one really told us how hard, nor how much fun it would be. 

He showed us every day that the harder you work at something the more rewarding the success is.  

Then we lost Skooby.

Heartbroken I very nearly scrapped the idea of No Fuss Fill but then remembered why I had started it. To make life easier and more fun for new puppy parents and pups. With product ranges named after our special boy,

No Fuss Fill is his legacy.

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We always planned a brother for Skooby, we just never imagined that he would not be here to show him the ropes.

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Bit of a neat freak, training games player & treat maker

Being able to quickly, easily, and hygienically prepare and store food was a priority for me, and when I spoke to other owners I discovered it was for them too. 

 Unable to find solutions for this, and other everyday tasks associated with dog ownership I decided to design my own. 

 practical, stylish, and fun products. 

Watch this space we have some exciting products in production! 


Inspiration for No-Fuss Fill & the reason why our ranges start with a Skoo

Skooby was an F1 Cockapoo.

His Mum was a Show Cocker Spaniel. His Dad a miniature poodle. There was nothing miniature about Skoobs! He had a big personality.

Before we had Skooby we dreamt about dog walks on sunny blue-sky days. Skooby taught us to appreciate the walks on cold rainy days too. 

We miss him terribly. 


Currently a bit of a pickle and into everything

I am Harvey pup an English Springer Spaniel. I was born in September 2020

Everything right now is a big adventure, follow me on Instagram to watch me grow and see the fun I get into. 

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