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EDEN Training Treats

EDEN Training Treats


The naturally air-dried process used to produce these treats creates a soft and tasty treat whilst retaining all its natural nutrients.


 These Tasty Triangle Training Treats are made containing a single source of protein which provides gentler digestion whilst also delivering a delicious reward. 

So irresistible that your pet can't help but be on their best behaviour!


  • Chicken & Thyme Training Treats 80G

Chicken is a great source of omega 6 fatty acids which are good for the skin and coat and contain essential amino acids. We have also added the herb Thyme which has immune boosting properties.



  • Lamb & Parsley Training Treats 80G

Lamb can help build, heal and maintain body tissue, as well as protect our dog's immune systems. Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and can freshen your dog's breath. 


  • Venison & Sage Training Treats 80G

Venison helps to maintain healthy energy levels and promote overall health. Combined with Sage which contains Vitamin A, E and K which are known to promote immunity and support bone, skin and eye health. 

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