JR Pure Pate 4 x 200g Selection Boxes

JR Pure Pate 4 x 200g Selection Boxes

Choose  your dog's favourite pate combination with our selection box 


Now you can save money by subscribing to a monthly delivery of your dog's favourite Pate 


Subscribers also receive a 




6-month subscription - 1 mat or Chopper per customer


Selection Box of JR Pure Pate 4 x 200g 


Box 1. Chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Turkey 

Box 2. Chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Lamb

Box 3. Chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Duck

Box 4. Chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Beef 

Box 5. Turkey x 2 , Salmon x 1 , Rabbit x1 

Box 6. Chicken x 4

Box 7. Salmon x 4 

Box 8. Rabbit  x 4 



100% Natural Dog Food

Slice it – Dice it – Cube it – Cut it – Stuff it – Spread it – Sprinkle it 

Complete or complementary food for dogs.

This Paté is deliciously tasty and natural, it is not only healthy but totally irresistible too.

Made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat…that’s it!

These irresistible Paté's are also grain and gluten-free.

This paté is extremely versatile, use as a treat, training treat, or as a complete food.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Monthly Box 4 x 200g
    FREE Training Treat Chopper ( worth £5.99 1 per customer)
    £10.36monthly/ 6 months
    Monthly Box 4 x 200g
    FREE Pyramid Mat - (worth £4.99 -1 per customer )
    £10.36monthly/ 6 months