SkooPrep Rak®

SkooPrep Rak®

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The SkooPrep Rak enables you to hygienically store up to 3 Kongs™  in your fridge or freezer, designed with a drip tray at the base it prevents spillage and contamination of human food.  

The SkooPrep Rak neatly fits on the fridge shelves or, in the door shelves.  Suitable for the freezer this allows the contents to freeze without contaminating other foodstuffs or leaking and then freezing in your freezer drawer or compartment. 


Suitable for small, Medium, and Large Kong™  and other stuffable enrichment toys

The  Acrylic SkooPrep Rak is 24cm long x 6.5cm high x 7cm depth


Kong™  is the registered trademark of the Kong Company 


*Please note this is NOT a dog toy

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  • Care Instructions

    Please wash with warm soapy water.    

    This product can be washed in a dishwasher but it may affect appearance and life of product


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