LickiMat Sprinkles Chicken & Broccoli

LickiMat Sprinkles Chicken & Broccoli

Hand-Baked Crushed Biscuits Ready to Sprinkle

Chicken & Broccoli


  • Healthy and Fresh 
  • No Added Sugar, salts, or dyes
  • Wheat-Free 


Wet your LickiMat with water or any other tasty liquid, then simply shake sprinkles over the LickiMat to cover the surface


  • Feed as a treat or reward 
  • Feed 5- 35g a day depending on size and breed 
  • NOT suitable for puppies under 8 weeks 
  • Perfect for using with the LickiMat range of enrichment mats, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and boredom
  • Convenient sprinkle tub for easy pouring/shaking
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