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Lightweight Activity Pocket Glove

Lightweight Activity Pocket Glove

SkooGo® Lightweight Activity Glove Features


No more friction burns or dirty hands from trailing long lines, conveninece at your fingertips for the dog and human sports teams, weekend adverturer and everyday dog walker. 


  • Grip Palm and Index Finger:  The soft grip palm and index finger, provides protection from the lead without compromising the ability to manage the line or sports equipment. 


  • SkooGo® Pockets: The unique pockets allow the convenient storage of training treats, rewards and poo bags ensuring they can be accessed effortlessly whilst maintaining optimal performance. 


  • Soft hook & loop closure on pockets: Items are kept secure whilst allowing easy access.


  • Lightweight Mesh Fabric: Stay cool and protected with a pantone colour chosen to reflect visible wavelengths of light and reduce heat.  The Air flow mesh fabric keeps hands cool, protected and clean. 


  • Flare Fit Wrist: Designed to keep wrists cool by allowing the flow of air across pulse points


  • Fingerless Design with Soft Edges: Easily open and tie poo bags, treat/reward your dog, unclip and clip leads and sporting equipment, without removing gloves. The soft-edged finish ensures practicality and comfort.


  • Pairing Hooks: Unlike winter gloves that you will wear until you get home, activity gloves are removed at the end of the activity . Pairing Hooks keep your gloves safely paired and together ready for the next adventure.


The gloves provide comfort, convenience and protection making activities more fun for both dog and human. 

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