SkooGo® Pocket Gloves

SkooGo® Pocket Gloves

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The perfect dog walking gloves, everything you need at your fingertips.


We have designed the grip palm and index finger to give you extra confidence when holding the lead. Unlike regular woolen and fleece gloves, the SkooGo Pocket Glove has a lightweight ' webbed palm and index finger creating a grip surface.


No more removing your gloves to open that poo bag, pick up the poo, or to give your dog a treat. The soft-edged finish makes the SkooGo Pocket Glove practical and comfortable.


Everything you need on your walk in one place. Conveniently store your treats, poo bags, etc in the glove pockets. The soft hook & loop closure on each pocket keeps contents safe but allows easy access when you need it.


We also designed the SkooGo Pocket glove to keep you warm!

The knitted cuff keeps out the chill and your wrists warm, no more gaps when you are throwing that ball or heading out on your next adventure.



Grip Palm and index finger

  • Greater lead control



Fingerless - Soft-edged for comfort

  • Easily open Poo bags
  • Easily treat your dog


SkooGo Pocket - Soft hook & loop closure on each glove

  • Easily store and access training treats
  • Easily store poo bags


Knitted Cuff

  • Keep wrists warm, no more gaps
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  • Care Instructions

    • Hand Wash  
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