What do kids and dogs both enjoy doing?

Having fun and playing games!

The Summer is a perfect time to take the fun and games outside. Here are 6 of our favourite fun outdoor activities for kids and dogs this summer. They are easy and fun and don't cost a fortune.


A quick word on safety

Having little people around can be stressful for a dog. If they have been used to their own space during the day whilst children are at school suddenly having everyone from home takes some adjustment ( for parents too! )

Always supervise games and play ( RSPCA Golden rules)


Don't panic this is not as messy as it potentially sounds!

You will need;

Tip -Empty tomato ketchup & mayonnaise squirty bottles make great paint dispensers

1. Dot or squirt a couple of different paint colours on a piece of card or a canvas

2. Spread dog-safe peanut butter across the bag.

3. Pop the card, canvas or paper in the Ziplock bag

(for younger kids it might be easier for you to do this part as you do not want to smudge the paint )

4. Place the sealed bag on the grass and let your dog lick the bag clean.

5. Once the bag is clean remove the card, canvas or paper from the bag and leave it to dry.

You never know you may discover you are living with your very own Pawcasso or Dog Vinci!

Puppy Parcels

Every kid loves 'pass the parcel' at parties. They will know how exciting it is to rip open the layers.

In the puppy version, your pup gets to open every layer without passing it on!

Your kids will enjoy making up the parcels and your pup will love ripping them apart. So start saving your recycling now!

We call this pre-cycling, your kids and pup have fun before it makes its way to the recycling bin.


You will need;
  • Newspaper, towels or boxes that fit inside each other.

  • Treats (the kid-friendly recipe for sardine treats would be perfect for this)

  • Toilet roll tube.

1. Start by popping the best treat in the toilet roll.

2. Fold over the ends to secure the treat.
3. Wrap it in your first layer.
4. Pop a small treat or piece of kibble between each layer to keep your pup interested.
Tip- Don't make it too challenging at first, start with just a few layers.
6. Ask the puppy/ dog to sit, place the parcel in front of them.

7. Give them the cue ‘Get it ‘and watch them rip the packaging open to find the treat.


Kids love competition, get them to hide their parcels and see whose parcel is found first. Dogs love the anticipation of finding a tasty treat – just make sure the parcels are hidden in dog safe areas and areas you are happy for your dog to be searching in.

Maybe the middle of the flower bed isn’t the best hiding place!


Kids, (including big kids like me) puppies and dogs love bubbles

This great bubble recipe has 4 simple household ingredients and can be made by your kids

You will need:

  • 1/4 cup dish wash soap (dogs like non-scented better) ~

  • 1/2 cup water ~

  • 1 tsp sugar (makes the bubbles last longer/taste sweeter) ~

  • 1 stock cube

  • Drinking straws ( for blowing!)


An empty bubble wand /tub ( Refill your old tubes with this mixture- you will never need to buy a new wand again )

Funnel is useful if you are planning on putting your bubbles into a bubble wand tube

Tip- A plastic milk carton cut in half is great for holding bubble mixture. The handle makes it easy to hold for little hands

1. Start by heating the water in the microwave for 30-45 sec

2. Measure the other ingredients into the water and stir well

If you don't have a bubble wand you can use straws... Don't suck, dip and blow

(Recipe works well with or without the stock cube)

Tip- Bubbles can make floors slippery which is dangerous for puppies and children, so I recommend that this is a game just for outdoors.

Ice Lolly Pupsicles

Your kids will love making these special cooling treats for your dog. Let their creativity flow by giving them dog-safe ingredients and letting them decide on the flavour combinations and decorations. These can all be made up outdoors and then popped in the freezer to set.

You will need

  • Lolly Moulds or ice cube tray (you will not be able to use sticks with ice cube trays)

  • Peas, blueberries or your dog's favourite treats to decorate

Recipes can be found on the recipe page of the website

Here are some of our favourite combinations

Watermelon and Mint –

Mash melon, add torn mint leaves, stir into water pour into mould and freeze

Yoghurt, peanut butter, banana

Slice banana, mash all ingredients together with a fork add water pop into the mould and freeze

Submit your Ice Lolly popsicle recipes on our recipe page for a chance to win recipe of the month!

Sardine pyramids

This quick and easy recipe only requires adult help at the cooking stage

You will need;


Drain the brine from the sardines

Mash with a fork or a potato masher

Crack in the egg (don’t worry if any shell goes in too dogs love eggshell )

Mix in enough flour to make a batter consistency

Place the pyramid mat on a baking sheet or tray ( it makes it easier to transport to the oven)

Spread mixture across the mat with a spatula

keep spreading till all the little holes have been filled

Adult help – Pop in the oven until the treats have cooked through

Once cooked and cooled there is no cutting or chopping required. Any treats that are joined can just be easily broken apart.

The best bit, it doesn't matter if one gets popped into the chef’s mouth as the ingredients are just as tasty to kids as they are to pups. ( Maybe not the eggshell though)

Tip- These treats can be frozen and they defrost within minutes

Rucksack walk

The rucksack walk turns a short walk into a great bonding experience for the whole family

In the blog ‘How to turn a 15-minute walk into a bonding experience with your puppy’ you will find the specific items to take with you on your walk and the steps to follow

They are;

  • Something to sniff

  • Something to eat

  • Something to chew

  • An interesting item

Let your kids take turns to pack the rucksack or be responsible for each of the items that are packed.

Make sure everyone understands the rules before you head out.

I would love to see photos of you having fun this summer

Share your photos on Instagram or our Facebook Page

Don't forget to tag us @nofussfill #nofussfill We have a prize each month for the best photo There is nothing greater than seeing everyone have fun together but please follow the RSPCA Golden rules for keeping your child safe and your dog happy

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to Catalina and Lux for sharing these fab photos of them having fun with their pups.

You can see more of their adventures on their Instagram pages.