It used to be that fireworks were only heard on and around the 5th November in the UK, and the 4th July in the USA.

Unfortunately for our dogs, especially those who are nervous or afraid of fireworks this is no longer the case.

Fireworks are often seen and heard during celebrations for Birthdays, Weddings, Festivals , Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas and New Year etc

So when it comes to fireworks the preparation is crucial

Preparing your Dog

You have probably heard of the saying ' train for the situation, not in the situation'

The time to prepare and train your dog and introduce strategies to support them is not when you hear a rocket take off and explode in the sky.

Prepare as early as you can. Rachel Rodgers Clinical Animal Behaviourist has written a great blog packed with resources , sound cloud recordings of fireworks and a step by step guide to help you support your dog. Preparing your dog for fireworks

Preparing your home

Does your dog have a safe space?

If you dog has been crate trained this will probably be where they head when things get too much or scary. Or maybe your dog has a hidey hole between or behind the sofa.

Wherever it is make sure your dog has free access to this space when fireworks start going off.

"Imagine heading for your safe space and finding you can't get to it!"

Consider adding a blanket over the top of the crate to help reduce the the noise if you already don't already cover it.

Can you add a blanket over their favourite hidey hole for that extra feeling of security?

Is there a room in your house that has no windows?

During the conversation I had with Rachel Rodgers on 'Preparing your Dog for Fireworks' Rachel talks about a client who discovered that their ensuite was the best place in the house for their dog when fireworks were taking off.

Preparing Enrichment Toys

Enrichment toys such as Lick mats can be really beneficial when you start introducing the sound of fireworks to your dog.

If you successfully prepare and work with your dog you should start to recognise happy anticipation from your dog when they hear the sound of fireworks .

You can find a step by step guide by Bowen & Heath behaviourists in Rachel's blog

"If you have prepared your dog to expect an enrichment toy or treat when they hear fireworks, then you had better be prepped and ready"

Be Prepared

Because we can't predict when fireworks will be let off you need to be prepared and ready.

The last thing you want to be be doing is looking for your dog's favourite lick mat and lick mat topping as the skies are being lit up and your windows rattled.

The No Fuss Fill SkooPrep® range has solutions to help.

The ReadyRak will hold up to 4 lick mats, keeping the mats and your dog's food hygienically away from your own.

The space saving ReadyRak is suitable for the fridge and freezer and with removable shelves it can safely hold other popular stuffable enrichment toys

Chop pate into treat sized pieces so that you have it prepped and ready.The No Fuss Training Treat Chopper quickly chops pate into treat sizes and the

environmentally friendly re-usable Prep'n'Go bags are handy for storing pate in the fridge or freezer.

Need some help or want to help?

If you need more help there are over the counter herbal supplements that can support your dog alongside correct training and preparation . Of course it is always best to consult your vet who can also refer you to a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (APBC)

Need help choosing the best Lickmat for your dog or suggestions for what to put on it? Follow us on Instagram @Nofussfill and send a direct message with your question- always happy to help.

If you want to help you can support the RSPCA's campaign #Bangoutoforder