As Autumn arrives it brings the opportunity for even more adventures with our dogs. In this blog we share how to enjoy safer Autumn walks with your dog.

Autumn Leaves on dog walks

Dogs love leaves, and as tempting as it is to let them dive into piles of them, unless you have created the pile, be careful about what might lurk within!

So far here in the UK we are having a very warm Autumn. Spores love warm damp conditions. Fungus and spores are commonly found growing on dead and decaying leaves at this time of year. Always wipe/ wash your dog's paws when returning from a walk to avoid bringing seasonal nasties into your home.

Pro tip: Up your paw protection game with Pawz sanitising spray to counteract potential spores, bacteria, fungus and odour!

Visibility 💡

As daylight hours dwindle, visibility for both you and your dog becomes important during early morning walks and late afternoon early evening walks.

Lots of equipment for dogs already incorporate reflective trim—leads, collars and harnesses these will help to make your dog more visible but they do require a light source from headlights or street lights for you to be seen. We like flashing lights that can be added to leads and harnesses and work when there is no additional light source around.

On the visibility note: The SkooGo® light-up cap proves invaluable in spotting your pup's poop in the autumn leaves ( I can't be the only one who has played find the poo!?) plus it has the added bonus of making you more visible at night too.

SkooGo® Light Up Cap

Treats 🍬

Keep an eye open for dropped sweets. Trick and treaters might have dropped or discarded treats and if anyone will be able to find them it will be your dog!

Be vigilant about other items too. This includes Halloween decorations and the remnants of fireworks which are always around once this nights drawn in.

Natural Autumn Hazards for dogs 🍄

Keep an eye open for mushrooms that make an appearance during this season. Some varieties can pose toxicity risks for dogs, so keep an eye open for them on your walks.

Chestnuts/ Conkers and Acorns may be a great find for squirrels but definitely not for your dog .

Treat Tip: l always carry something tasty that my dog would give anything up for!

Even if your dog has a really reliable ‘ drop it’ or ‘Leave’ response there is always the potential for that one time when they decide they have something that they don't want to give up.

We LOVE the Eden Succulent Sausages, easy to store in your SkooGo® Pocket Gloves or treat bag. We know that our dog will drop whatever he has in exchange for an Eden Sausage!

Halloween Precautions 🕸️

Whilst Halloween festivities can be enjoyable, they can also come with potential hazards and triggers for your dog. Be mindful of neighbours decorating their houses or front gardens. The fake cobwebs and spiders on the hedge might not scare us, but to an anxious dog they can be the difference between a positive walk and one where they have been spooked.

Consider creating a sign for your door or gate to inform trick-or-treaters if your dog is reactive to visitors or people approaching the house. The frequent doorbell ringing might be overwhelming for them.

Pumpkin Fun 🎃

Every year, over 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK. Of those, 95% are used at Halloween and then thrown away - creating 18, 000 tonnes of waste!

Did you know that in moderation our dogs can eat pumpkin?

Not only is it edible for dogs but pumpkin can be used as a remedy for gastrointestinal issues*

These issues include diarrhoea and constipation, yes both!