When we thought about getting a puppy I didn't even consider that we would be sharing our fridge with him.

In the past, I have felt as though I was playing Jenga when I opened my fridge door. Things stacked on top of each other with out-of-date jars lurking in the background.

However, with a puppy weaned on a raw diet, I knew that I would need to create space and stay safe.

So, if you are sharing your fridge with your dog, how do you stay safe even if you feed raw. Read on for tips and ideas on how to keep your family safe.


Raw meats should be stored away from cooked meat, fruits, and vegetables. This includes any raw meats you are feeding your dog.

Store dog food and treats safely in your fridge. The SkooPrep Rak ® and Ready Rak® have been designed to prevent cross-contamination with your food *


You do not need expensive labels. Get a Sharpie and a roll of painter's masking tape. The tape comes off easily if you are attaching it to plastic storage containers. The Sharpie pen dries quickly so no smears.

Label your dog's food too!

The JR Pure Salmon Pate smells so good. It would be an easy mistake for someone with the midnight munchies to think that it would make a tasty snack on toast!

Space-saving and organisation

A lazy susan can make accessing jars easy. Being able to see what you have avoids those situations where you find you have three jars of opened pesto and one of them has developed a fur coat ( please tell me I am not the only one this happens to?)

The SkooPrep Ready Rak® can store up to four Lickmats and has easy access slide-out shelves (also Freezer safe)

The SkooPrep Rak® can hold up to 3 KONG toys and will fit in most fridge doors - freeing up space on the fridge shelves. It has a small trip tray to prevent leaks from the bottom of the KONG. (also Freezer safe)

If you have awkwardly shaped toys that you fill with food then the SkooPrep Prep'n'Go ® bags work well. I have not met a dog who doesn't like a filled West Paws Qwizl but do you really want that balancing or rolling around on top of last night's leftover lasagne!

SkooPrep Rak®


It's important to keep your fridge clean. Shelf liners make this easier. The SkooPrep® Prep mat works well and first most fridge shelves. It easily cuts to size so perfect for those door shelves that often get forgotten.

If you take your shelves out make a note of their position in the fridge. They can be slightly different shapes.
Try using painter's masking tape and a Sharpie pen to label

A word of warning never wash a cold glass shelf. Allow it to come to room temperature first. It could shatter if placed in water whilst still cold.

You should always choose a suitable cleaner for the job and there are many well-known anti-bacterial products on the market. Make sure that they are safe to use around pets and in your fridge.

For natural cleaner options try;

  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with

  • 950ml of hot water.

Alternatively, Apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water works well.

  • Use 1 part vinegar to

  • 3 parts water.

Chilli oil and tomato-based foods can leave you with very stubborn stains. Toothpaste works well, just use it on a soft cloth.

Finally, the SkooPrep® range has been designed as a designated place in your fridge or freezer for your filled and prepared dog enrichment toys. Even with containers and space for your dog's food caution should still be taken. Wash hands and surfaces that raw food has touched.

If you are looking for inspiration on ideas and fillings and toppings for your dog's enrichment toys take a look at the recipe page on the website.

Got a great recipe ? submit it to the page. Each month a winning recipe is chosen.