Enrichment is essential for your dog’s overall well-being, but constantly purchasing new toys can become pricey. Fear not, because there are numerous ways to keep your dog engaged and entertained without breaking the bank.

Let's explore 10 creative ways to enrich your dog's life without buying new toys with ways to use existing toys differently and inject some excitement into your pup's routine.


1.Combo Creations

Combining toys is a fantastic way to introduce variety into your dog's playtime. Try placing a KONG inside a Topple or popping a KONG into the middle of a Lickimat Wobble Bowl for an interactive challenge. Want to keep your dog engaged for hours? How about popping a KONG in the Wobble Bowl and then adding a doggy drink or broth to the bowl then popping it all in the freezer!

2. Inside out- upside down

Change how you normally use the toy with your dog.  Turn the Lickimat Wobble bowls inside out or  try spreading food on the outside of toys rather than stuffing them inside. This will add a new twist to familiar toys and encourages your dog to explore different methods of extracting the goodies. 

3.Pup Pass the Parcel

Transform toys into a game of "Pup Pass the Parcel" . Start off by filling your toy, then wrap it in layers of paper. Your dog will enjoy the challenge of unwrapping each layer to reveal the hidden treasure within. You could even pop in a treat or two between layers for them to find.

4. Boxed In Challenge

Increase the difficulty level by placing toys or lick mats inside boxes.  For an extra challenge, use multiple boxes to heighten the puzzle-solving experience and keep your dog engaged and entertained.


5. Freeze and Please

Elevate your dog's sensory experience by freezing toys with their fillings or toppings. Toys like the Nina Ottosson Lickin Layers are perfect for layering different textures and flavours, providing a refreshing and engaging enrichment activity. The toy comes apart easily for washing and filling, why not pop one layer in the freezer?

6.Kibble Creations

Get creative with your dog's regular kibble by grinding it up to create tasty toppings for toys or spreading it on mats. It's a simple yet cost effective way to add variety to your pup's enrichment routine.


Shake things up by changing the location of your dog's enrichment activities. If you typically offer toys indoors, try taking them outside for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery, or to a different room in your house.


8.Toy Rotation 

Keep things fresh by rotating your dog's toys regularly. Introducing new toys while temporarily removing others ensures that each play session feels exciting and novel for you and your dog..

9. Toy Swap

Spice up your dog's playtime by organising toy swap with friends. It's a fantastic way to introduce your pup to new toys while sharing the joy of enrichment with fellow dog lovers.


10. Hide & Seek 

Let their nose get a workout whilst they hunt for their filled enrichment toy. Prep your toy as normal but then hide it in the house or your garden for your pup to find. 


Enriching your dog's life doesn't have to mean constantly purchasing new toys.

By thinking outside the box (or using a box!)  and getting creative with existing toys, you can provide endless entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog without spending. Of course if you want to add to your collection we have lots to choose from . Find our favourites here  at www.nofussfill.com