Summer is here, and BBQ season is in full swing!

While these gatherings are a great time for family and friends, they can present unique challenges for our dogs. The enticing smells, sizzling meats, and outdoor excitement can be both tempting and hazardous for them.

To ensure your dog stays safe and happy during BBQ season, here are five safety tips, including some creative ways to keep them engaged and well-fed.


1. Keep Dangerous Foods Out of Reach

BBQ spreads often include foods that are harmful to dogs, such as:

  • Cooked bones: These can splinter and cause internal injuries.
  • Onions and garlic: Common BBQ ingredients that are toxic to dogs.
  • Corn on the cob : Corn itself is not poisonous to dogs, but a cob can cause an obstruction
  • Chocolate and sweets: Dangerous due to their toxic ingredients like theobromine and xylitol.
  • Alcohol: Even small amounts can be harmful to dogs.

Ensure these foods are kept out of your dog’s reach and remind guests not to feed your dog any table scraps. It takes one person offering your dog something from the table to undo training and rules you have had in the past!  



 If there are children at the BBQ check that they are not wandering around with food that could be toxic for dogs, young children enjoy those little boxes of raisins and of course chocolate, both of which could be dropped without you knowing.

2. Create a Safe Space

Designate a safe and comfortable area for your dog away from the BBQ grill and foot traffic. This can be a shaded spot with their bed, water, and toys. 

Creating this safe space helps prevent accidents and keeps your dog calm and secure.



3. Use Enrichment Toys to Distract and Entertain

One way to keep your dog happy and distracted from the delicious smells of the BBQ is by using enrichment toys filled with their food. Here’s how:

  • Stuffable Toys: Use toys from the KONG or West Paw range filled with raw food. If your dog is used to using these toys and /or finishes the treats really quickly, consider filling and freezing half then topping up to the top with a non frozen food or treat. This will help to make it last a little longer.
  • Spreadable Toys: Lick Mats and trays are perfect for spreadable food and treats. These too can be frozen. 

    TIP :
     If there are children at the BBQ that are unfamiliar with dogs then it is always a good idea to remind them that they should not approach the dog whilst the dog is eating or to pick up or take the dog’s toy
    Visit  the KAD Kids Around Dogs website for downloadable safety tips

    4. Prepare Ahead

    Before your guests arrive, prepare your dog's enrichment toys in advance. that you have a steady supply of engaging activities for your dog, keeping them occupied and content throughout the BBQ.

    • Stuff toys and KONGs, store them in the fridge or freezer safely away from human food using the No Fuss Fill Ready Rak or Prep Rak. 


    5. Visiting Friends or family for a BBQ?

    If you’re heading to a friend or family’s house for a BBQ, prep your dog’s toys ahead of time. This preparation helps keep your dog engaged and satisfied, minimising their interest in the human food at the BBQ.

    • Grate some pate for a quick and easy scatter game across the lawn
    • Take a No Fuss Fill® already filled for toy refills! 
    • Store grated or chopped pate in the No Fuss Fill Prep'n'Go Bags
    • Prep toys and and freeze ahead in the Prep ‘n’ Go bags then just take them from the freezer as you leave 



    These bags are also useful for bringing home those slobbery toys once your dog has finished with them!




    BBQ season can be really fun for both you and your dog with the right precautions. By keeping dangerous foods out of reach, creating a safe space, using enrichment toys, preparing ahead, and planning for trips to BBQs, you can ensure your dog stays safe and happy during these summer gatherings.

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