Our dogs are cherished members of the family and we want to not only ensure that they are well looked after, but that they can join us on trips and that we can get them to the places they might need to visit, vets, groomers etc.

But, what happens if for some reason we can't travel with our dogs/pets or we don't have access to a car ? 

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Claire Harris, the founder behind Pets 2 Places, a pet taxi service that has been revolutionising pet transportation across the UK since 2014. As Claire shared insights into her passion-driven venture, it became evident that Pets 2 Places isn't just a taxi service; it's a lifeline for dog/pet owners, offering peace of mind and convenience.

Join me as we explore the journey of Pets 2 Places, from its beginnings to its nationwide presence, all based around one simple thing ensuring the safety and comfort on the go for your dog. 

I asked Claire..

 How does your pet taxi service operate?

- Claire Its really a very simple service, if people need to go anywhere with their pets and they don’t drive, they can give us a call, text or email and book simply by telling us the day and time they need us and we will be there.

How are your vehicles equipped for transporting pets safely and comfortably? - Claire We use top of the range crash tested pet transport equipment. We follow the DEFRA guidelines as well as the Animal Welfare Act legislation on transporting pets

Can you accommodate pets of all sizes and breeds?

- Claire Absolutely, no dog is too big or too small. From Great Danes to Chihuahua. 1 cat or 5 cats. Mostly we take cats and dogs, but we can transport any domestic pet.

How are your drivers trained to handle different types of pets and any potential emergencies?

- Claire All our franchisees and staff are fully trained on how to transport pets based on DEFRA guidelines and the Animal Welfare Act as well as my expertise in pet transport. We have extensive training for our franchisees and cover handling of pets, behaviour and what to do in emergency situations

Do I need to travel with my pet ?

- Claire No a lot of the time, the owners don’t come along with the pet. They can if they want to. But we have a lot of customers who are elderly, less abled, or housebound who need us to take the pet for them

 What are the pricing options for your service, and how do they vary based on distance or other factors?

- Claire We have standard pricing in each area so the customer always knows how much the service is going to cost, but for longer distances it really depends on where the person is going. We always make sure our customers fully understand the price and they are happy beforehand.

What should someone look for when using a pet taxi service?

- Claire If you’re looking for a pet taxi I would recommend checking what equipment they use, if it isn’t crash tested then it isn’t any good. We use top of the range crash tested equipment to ensure the pets in our care are safe and secure. Make sure the company is insured and that their drivers have licences 

Can you please let readers know where they can find out about Pets to Places and the areas you cover?

- Claire Pets 2 Places Ltd is a nationwide service provider, we are operating in several areas of the UK, including Yorkshire, Milton Keynes

Could you share any memorable experiences or stories from your time running Pets to Places?

- Claire  There have been so many stories I could tell. But the most heartwarming for me was when I was at the Dogs Trust with a couple who couldn’t have children and decided to adopt a dog instead.  The dog, obviously a rescue, had not had a great start in life and had been matched with the couple. The day he went home with them they were so happy they were crying with joy and the dog just hugged them, licked them, and wouldn’t stay out of their laps.

Its so heartwarming and touching to be a part of that and see the happiness on the people faces and to be there when the dogs realises they have been saved. They get a way about them that you can just tell, its like they can finally relax and know they are safe. It brings a tear to my eye every time.

 Pets to Places are looking for more people to run this fab service in the area they live.

You can find out more on our website www.pets2places.co.uk